The CIO/CFO dynamic continued...

17 February 2012

Our previous blog entry outlined room for mutual improvement and the clear upside of improved relations between the CIO and CFO. It is a chestnut of a topic which has seen a lot of daylight over the years. We all hope that the days of limbo-dance IT budget negotiation on ‘how low can you go’ are now passed. With the board seeking to drive growth and value creation the CIO/CFO dynamic has firmly put itself back on the table.

Below are a few of the interesting perspectives shared in other forums that we have found to be worth reading. Extracted from what would ordinarily be seen as IT leadership specific sources are some CFO led perspective pieces:

Certainly the debate will continue to go on, with consideration being given to every minute nuance of the CIO/CFO relationship. However, it is clear that there is a much improved willingness to work at collaboration and communication in search of real enterprise value. There will always be a tension within almost all aspects of a Board, but shared language, shared purpose and share outcomes are the foundation stone of business success in these deeply competitive times.


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